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Note: Our Minimum Project Budget is $3,500
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When it comes to new kitchen cabinets, Kitchen Cabinets Calgary has every option available. We offer custom-built cabinets made in any style you can imagine. We design, construct, and assemble our custom cabinets in Calgary to suit your space, taste, and specifications. We also offer a wide selection of countertops, backsplashes, specialty cabinets, and storage options.
The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where the food is stored, prepared, cooked, and served. It’s where the mind, body, and spirit of the household are fueled. People who like to cook can spend hours in the kitchen every day. For some, it’s the new living room, where holidays are celebrated, guests are entertained, and quality time is spent.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that homeowners desire a kitchen that reflects a warm, welcoming feeling. Make the kitchen renovation process as easy and efficient as possible by choosing to work with Kitchen Cabinets Calgary.
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Maple, Oak, Walnut and more


When it comes to real wooden kitchen cabinets in Calgary, maple is the most common material we use. If you’re looking for something special when it comes to your kitchen cabinet upgrade, beech, alder, oak, and walnut are also available.

You can speak with one of our experts about the different wood grains, the pros and cons of each, and what type of wood might suit your project best.

If you’d like real wooden cabinet doors and drawer fronts, but the price is a little out of range, ask about our real wood with MDF (medium-density fibreboard) center panels. When painting cabinets with a solid color lacquer, MDF is a great option.
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Durable, Easy to clean, and Eco-Friendly


There are a few reasons why homeowners are choosing alternative wood cabinets, such as NEXGEN or TFL-wrapped doors and panels for their kitchen cabinet upgrades.

  • First, alternative wood cabinets such as NEXGEN or TFL save money. However, they do not require compromising on style or quality.
  • Second, these cabinets are durable. Your cabinet doors will stand up against heat, scratches, and scuffs, and you can expect minimal laminate fading. Real wood cabinets can patina and discolor as the years go by.
  • Third, alternative wood cabinets are easier to clean than wood cabinets. You don’t need to worry about special cleansers or polish; most of the time, all it takes is a damp cloth to wipe these cabinets clean. With stubborn stains, a little mild detergent and warm water will do the trick!
  • Finally, these can be an eco-friendly alternative. Not all wood products are environmentally friendly. Deforestation and endangered tree species are concerns.

Chances are, no one will be able to tell the difference between our quality polyester doors and real wooden cabinet doors. Wooden cabinet doors are made in a five-piece construction, and our polyester doors are made in the same way to create an even more genuine and quality product. Typical construction of our kitchen cabinet doors includes two stiles (the side pieces), two rails (the top and bottom pieces) and a panel in the middle. This gives the same, detailed effect you’d find in wooden doors. You’re just getting that look for less!

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Versatile, Scratch Resistant and Cost effective


Whether you’re building from scratch or updating old kitchen cabinets, our stylish thermofoil doors are the most cost-efficient. Thermofoil is a versatile, PVC vinyl coating that gives the look and feel of a finished cabinet door. These types of cabinets are durable and keep their color for the long haul.

Our thermofoil options include:

  • RTF doors, drawer fronts, and horizontal surfaces.
  • Wood doors and drawer fronts with veneer center panels.
  • Veneer slab doors and drawer fronts.
  • Moldings, fillers, rosettes, valances, frames, and mullions.

To put it simply, Kitchen Cabinets Calgary can provide thermofoil options in any cabinet color or style you can think of. These options are top-quality and aesthetically-pleasing. They also allow for a certain amount of creative freedom because thermofoil is such a versatile technique. Choose this for a cheaper alternative to white paint, or go for thermofoil if you want think outside the kitchen cabinet box with a metallic sheen.

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