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Cabinet refacing is an ideal choice if the cost of a full kitchen cabinet replacement seems beyond your reach.

If you’re unhappy with your cabinets because they’re outdated or beginning to show unsightly wear and tear, but you’re pleased with the overall layout of your kitchen and available storage space, you can choose to reface your cabinets. Kitchen Cabinets Calgary by Chief offers the option of refacing cabinet doors in Calgary.

Cabinet refacing costs add up to far less than replacement, but the result is so convincing it will look like you’ve done a complete overhaul.

Those who take the plunge and do a total kitchen renovation (which Chief can help with) may also find that cabinet refacing is an ideal option. Use cabinet refacing to save money on cabinets and buy something else you’ve been wanting in your kitchen, like a breakfast nook or a new appliance. Customers have used cabinet refacing as a contingency plan for unexpected issues that pop up during their renovation.

Cabinet refacing in Calgary is versatile and affordable!

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So what is the basic cabinet refacing process?

  1. Our team of professional, licensed, and insured kitchen renovators remove and dispose of your old cabinet doors and drawer fronts.
  2. We install the new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. You get to update the hardware, too! That means new handles and hinges in the color and style of your choice.
  3. We cover your existing cabinet box frames with new wood panels, veneers, or lacquer. No one will ever know your old frames are being utilized!

Some of our kitchen refacing in Calgary customers want to take the process a step further. Depending on your goals and budget, you may choose to include some of the following in your kitchen cabinet refacing costs in order to give your old kitchen a real wow factor—again, without the cost of a full renovation.

  • Install new countertops and backsplash to give the illusion of a full redo.
  • Extend existing cabinets to the ceiling; that space above cabinets usually stays dusty and underutilized!
  • Install additional cabinets, wine racks, and even a custom island if room allows.
  • Add decorative molding for a bold, updated finish.

Updating old cabinets doesn’t have to mean spending big bucks! Choose cabinet refacing by Kitchen Cabinets Calgary by Chief and expect to pay about half of what you would for a complete replacement.


Your options for refacing kitchen cabinets are just as extensive as your options for a full replacement. Oftentimes, customers are happier with refacing than with buying new. They can get fully-customized cabinets for less than they’d spend on a brand new factory cabinet set with zero customized features.

Chief in Calgary has a private showroom, where you can see all of the options we have available in person. These include:

Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

We build your cabinet doors and drawer fronts to your exact specifications. We offer over 2,000 variations of cabinet door styles, and we can match any existing color or stain, thanks to our spray shop facility. Stick with your kitchen’s existing color palette, or try something new! We can accommodate any style.

Solid Color Doors and Drawer Fronts

For this type of refacing, our most popular doors and drawer fronts are made from maple or MDF, a type of wood product made from recycled and recovered wood fiber. These work best when spray finishing cabinets with solid colors, like off-whites, greys, dark browns, and more. More expensive wood types like cherry or walnut aren’t strictly necessary for these looks because the wood grain won’t be visible once the finish has been applied. The goal instead is to install something that will wear well over time and keep the solid color looking brilliant.

If you have a specific color in mind, we can match it! Just bring us a paint sample and we’ll do the rest.

Stained Doors and Drawer Fronts

Unlike solid color finishes, wood grain is essential when considering stained cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Each species of wood has its own grain pattern and fingerprint. Some wood types are naturally darker, like walnut, whereas maple doors are a lighter color. You can see the different grains and stains and decide what would match your vision best by visiting our showroom. No matter what you decide, our custom finishing shop can deliver.

Thermofoil or Polyester Doors and Drawer Fronts

Non-wood doors and drawer fronts come with their own benefits and pitfalls. Cabinet doors made from manmade materials can still look amazing! They come in solid colors or can be designed to look like stained wood. They’re a cheaper option, which is always appealing, because they come finished from the manufacturer and require no additional on-site spraying.

However, unlike our real-wood options, these doors and drawer fronts can never be refinished. If a door gets scratched or damage, the only option is a full replacement. If the supplier no longer stocks that type of door at that time, it means you’ll have to get creative! Or replace your kitchen doors and drawers twice.


Revitalize your kitchen without the big price tag. We have a refacing option that will fit your needs, style, and budget, and all of our work is backed by a warranty. Check out our gallery to view our before-and-after photos, and be sure to read our customer testimonials.

We believe the choice is clear: Chief is the number one option when it comes to kitchen cabinet refacing in Calgary.

Call or e-mail one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives today. We would love to discuss your vision, set up a time for you to visit our showroom, and give you a free consultation and estimate.

No matter how big or small your kitchen renovation needs are, you can trust Kitchen Cabinets Calgary by Chief to get you loving your space again!

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These guys are incredible. So easy to work with, kept to the timeline. Amazing workmanship. It is a really great team
Max and his team came on site and completed the job within time and within budget. They did a quality job and my clients were VERY happy.
Chief Wood Finishing did an awesome job transforming our traditional cherry kitchen into a modern/transitional space. We love it!

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