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Kitchen Cabinets Calgary by Chief specializes in cabinet painting, refinishing, re-spraying, and wood finishing. We even offer cabinet refacing in Calgary! We have brought life back to hundreds of kitchens with our professional cabinet painting and custom cabinet refinishing processes.

We pride ourselves on producing high-quality paint jobs and finishes for all your existing cabinetry and millwork. Our custom spray shop facility uses only the highest-quality materials. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

Painting kitchen cabinets isn’t something you can do yourself. To create a durable, long-lasting, attractive look, a can of wall paint just won’t do! Painting kitchen cabinets is an art form that requires the proper tools and experience. Trust the professionals at Chief to get the job done right.


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Hiring a professional who has the tools, skills, experience and workspace is the only way to ensure your cabinet painting or refinishing job gets done correctly and in a reasonable amount of time.

Kitchen Cabinets Calgary by Chief is the #1 choice for kitchen cabinet painting, cabinet spraying, and cabinet refinishing in Calgary. We provide high-quality transformations (like the ones you can view in our online gallery) without going through the time, cost, and disruption of a full renovation.

We are confident in our ability, we stand by our practices, and we will always deliver the best service possible.

Cabinet painting involves the following steps:

  • First, we assess the paint job. We examine the condition and material of the existing cabinets to determine how challenging the cabinet painting project will be.
  • Second, we clean and degrease the cabinets so we can start to get them looking like new.
  • Third, we remove the hardware and cabinet doors and sand the surfaces that will be receiving the paint. If needed, we use wood filler to smooth out the surfaces.
  • Fourth, we apply a primer to seal the cabinet surface.
  • Next, we spray paint and allow for the proper drying time.
  • Finally, we reattach the hardware and replace the kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts. And you get to see the fantastic results!

Cabinet staining follows a similar protocol.


The first step of the kitchen cabinet painting process always begins with a call, consultation, and free estimate. Our team will confirm your inquiry with a quick response and set up an appointment time that’s convenient for you.

Once we arrive at your home, we’ll evaluate the project, discuss your overall vision, and give you a carefully-calculated budget estimate and timeframe for completion. We’ll discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Once you feel confident in the overall design, we’ll get started!

Let us put your mind at ease about cabinet painting in Calgary costs! It may be less than you think.


Part of the cabinet painting process will take place away from your home.

We start each cabinet painting job by removing the doors from the cabinet boxes. To ensure that each door and drawer front returns to its designated spot, we carefully label each cabinet part so we can easily reinstall them later. You can choose to replace your hardware at this stage to give your cabinets an even bigger facelift. Try soft-close hinges!

Turn to Chief for all of your cabinet spraying in Calgary needs. After we remove the doors and drawer fronts from the kitchen, we take them to our painting and spray shop facility. They are cleaned with an industrial cleaner to remove any grease or residue that has built up from years of use. Then, the doors get a thorough sanding to ensure a good bond with the primer. We then perform a second cleaning to ensure all the sanding dust, wax, grease, and residual oils are removed before we prime and finish.

Two to three topcoats of paint are sprayed on the doors and drawers to make sure there is a smooth, uniform finish. Between each coat, we sand the wood to encourage smoothness and proper bonding of each paint layer. The number of coats depends on the material and condition of the cabinets. Once the doors are finished, we wrap them in protective foam and transport them carefully back to your home, where they’ll be reinstalled in your refinished cabinet box frames.


Once all the cabinet doors and drawer fronts have been removed from the kitchen, the remaining cabinets and box frames will receive the same finishing process on-site. Kitchen Cabinets Calgary by Chief specializes in providing excellent on-site finishing services with an extensive prep process, and we take great pride in ensuring no scratches or overspray damages your cabinets, floors, or countertops.

Your house is your biggest investment, and we respect each home we enter as if it was our own. When we spray in your home, we mask off the entire kitchen from the rest of your home to create a safe, controlled environment. This ensures an excellent finish and a clean site. All the walls, floors, countertops, ceiling, backsplash, and cabinet box frame interiors get protective coverings to ensure crisp lines and no mess.

At each day’s end, our team will give your home a thorough cleaning so you can continue to use your kitchen in the interim. It will feel like we were never there! Chief will always leave the job site better than we found it.

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Make sure you choose a company that takes these precautions, like Kitchen Cabinets Calgary by Chief. Some companies will make a mess of your home, and they might not use the recommended quality of cabinet paint. Chief uses architectural paints that are especially designed for use on doors and trim. Other paints don’t meet the KCMA guidelines because they don’t have the durability that is necessary in a kitchen.

We don’t brush and roll anything because the quality and longevity are not comparable to cabinet grade lacquer spray. Our coatings are designed to be used for kitchen cabinets in high traffic areas, and they have excellent moisture resistance. They also have a much smoother feel and a far superior look with the added benefit of providing outstanding durability.

Call us now for a free estimate! The sooner we get started, the sooner you’ll fall back in love with your kitchen! Kitchen Cabinets Calgary by Chief is the place to go for kitchen cabinet painting and kitchen refinishing in Calgary.


One of the many things that separates Kitchen Cabinets Calgary by Chief apart from competitors is our showroom. Come and see what cabinet painting can do for your kitchen in person! You can also view before and after photos of our cabinet painting projects in the gallery.

Our team of expert designers, carpenters, and finishers can provide any cabinet style and color you desire at a competitive cost. Our experienced team will ensure you get the best possible look for your renovation or development. 

View hundreds of the latest selections and get new ideas and inspiration for your next renovation project. Our renowned network of trusted suppliers and vendors offers materials at unmatched prices. The Chief designers are always ready to help you select the styles that suit you as well as give out insights on the latest cabinet painting trends.

Call us today to make an appointment and visit our showroom! 


These guys are incredible. So easy to work with, kept to the timeline. Amazing workmanship. It is a really great team
Max and his team came on site and completed the job within time and within budget. They did a quality job and my clients were VERY happy.
Chief Wood Finishing did an awesome job transforming our traditional cherry kitchen into a modern/transitional space. We love it!

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